I Hear Voices!

i hear voices

People say: "You're crazy if you're hearing voices in your head!"  Or, "Who told you that" after a long rant.  But, the reality is that every single one of us is bombarded by a cacophony of voices in our head everyday.  The Challenge is figuring out whether or not these voices are having a positive or negative impact on us and those we love.  Just to back up my earlier claim that we all have voices in our heads, see if you agree that they exist, especially in these intense situations.  For example, you're driving down the road and you come to a tricky intersection and you hear the voice of your dad in your head admonishing you to "Make sure you're paying attention to everything around you even if you have a green light".  or maybe you're at the local mall just browsing and you spy out of the corner of your eye in the display case at Zales the most beautifully crafted wristwatch you've ever seen and you hear the voice in your head exclaim "Oh no you don't! That's too expensive and you don't even wear a wristwatch!" These are just a couple of the hundreds of vehement voices in our heads competing for our attention on a moment to moment basis.

So, we're not all crazy!  Right?!  However, we do have a responsibility as discerning, mature adults to listen to The Voice that encourages us to make a positive impact in the world around us.  A bit of advice: don't simply listen to the loudest voice up there because it echos the voice of an abusive person in your past or it rebroadcasts the latest horrible reports on the evening news.  I prefer to heed the voice that resounds with my deeply held values and my heart committed to doing good in this clamoring world of dischord.  

Again, pay no mind to those popular voices screaming "Its NOT okay for you to have your own perspective and beliefs"!  Rather, pay special attention to the Still Small Voice that is reassuring you that "There are interests and issues besides your own that could use your attention".  The last word of wisdom from my voice to your head is: have ears to hear and louder actions.

Wes ConnellComment