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Creativity – It is the spice of life! Without it everything would be the same. Without it you would be doomed to be like everybody else. Without it you would be trapped in a world of beige. Creativity is that simple disposition to look at things from and with a different perspective. It is the superconductive element that will elevate your endeavors beyond the norm into the realm of imagination and dreams. Creativity promises distinction and uniqueness that seperates you from the crowd. It shouts out: “Awesome!”

It is my raison d’etre to flood the world with new and beautiful creativity that propels people to become all that they were originally designed to become! My musings in this and future blogs are being composed to inspire you to take risks, to look at things in a new way, and to begin to experience all the world around you from a possibility perspective.

Please share these fanciful flashes with those you love. Rebroadcast these quixotic ideas to increase lift for you to rise above the gravity of the mundane and the compliance of the conventional. Embrace creativity and live the life freedom!

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